How To Use VMOS Pro To Root Your Android

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Vmos pro is a virtual android system for android devices. VMOS PRO- is completely independent of the real phone system. Within Virtual Android, any risky files or applications cannot damage your real phone system, and VMOS Pro ensures that all applications in the virtual android cannot obtain your private data.

You can transfer this app currently and revel in its varied benefits! With a spread of apps, we will communicate with our friends, edit photos / videos, play games, hear songs, and do several different kinds of things. Nothing is not possible with this advanced technology. And if your smartphone reaches the capability of 2 apps …

it will do over you think! With VMOS professional English APK you’ll be able to repeat your favorite app, as an example … you’ll be able to use 2 Facebook apps on one phone and use totally different accounts in every. With this, you’ll be able to manage totally different communication accounts while not moving to a different smartphone.


How Vmos Pro Works ?

After installing vmos pro application on your phone, it automatically create a virtual system in your device. you have to give required permissions first. then click on + (plus) icon to add a rom on vmos pro. you can download official rom or custom rom.

Vmos pro Technical sudip
Vmos pro Technical sudip
vmos pro
vmos pro

Advantages of VMOS PRO

The virtual Android environment on the phone created by VMOS PRO is very complete, following all the details and minor features of a standard Android operating system. The interface is no different from the one you are using, easy to manipulate, and experience. This simulated virtual environment also supports users to Root the device comfortably.

File NameCan Root ?
Vmos ProYes
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Some Reviews Of Vmos pro from Play Store

Chase Kirklandmore_vert 
Using Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, Android 12 S and its not working. When it finally loads it only shows a black screen and the popup icon. Only two menu options do anything at all "Settings and Transfer". With the Transfer option nothing imports giving an error "Import failed File does not exist, please try again". I strongly recommend waiting until a 2022 update defore downloading unless you have an older android version.
Tech Kharma
It no longer works. Black screen and bubble pop up giving access to settings, but no real functionality. Used to love the app, but until further notice it is useless.
Faizal Razak
It was great but after the latest update suddenly had occasional crashes especially after minimize. When try to maximize again, it become black screen and my game already offline. I need to restart vmos if I want to play the game. It happened around 7,8 times per day. Even on vmos own website, the apps cannot be downloaded. Please repair it. It was a great one.
When I downloaded this application it didn't work. I'm only limited to 1 gb of storage and every once in a while it blacks out. When i re-installed the application it wouldn't load all the way and be stuck at 99%. Wouldn't recommend.
Every single app I try to import results in an "Installation Failed" message. The browser app that is already in there keeps sending me to Chinese results of whatever I search for. Not useful at all.
This app is great, I heard this app many times. what's bugging me is there is outsider server ,what I mean is that some games and apps closes and cannot be repaired , and other apps don't support the apps framework and I need this app to support games like free fire , pubg and other battle shooting games . I'm sure this is the problem for other people's also and I hope you fix it. Thank you
Maverick Walker
Seems like a good well rounded app, if it worked. On my phone the VM is completely blackscreened. I don't know ow if it's because of the latest andriod update or what. But the only thing to work is the admin bubble that controls the VM itself.
4.6/5 - (43 votes)

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