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 is really an easy way to earn by shortening and sharing links and one of the highest paying options to earn by doing this online or is it a waste of time ? Hi Guys, my name is Sudip and i have joined and tested this platform and compared it to the hundreds of other free earning methods i have tested this site and  this exact review. of

i will show exactly how it works and also how much you can learn so you can find out if this is the right opportunity for you or not and there are also some other details you definitely need to consider before deciding if this is the right option for you. so before i log in and show you how you potentially can earn on i just want to make it clear that it’s a platform you can join from all countries how you will learn is by shortening links and then getting people to click those links and you can do that from any country but as i will show you a little bit later.

 how much you can earn will depend not on the country you live in but on the country the people that clicks your links actually live in but for now i just wanted to make sure that you understand that you can potentially use this option no matter the country you live in but let’s now log in and then i will show you exactly how it works so you can see

 if it then will be worth your time so i am now logged in and it is quite simple to get started with because the idea is that you can take any link for any website for any youtube video or whatever you want that you want to share with people then you can shorten it here and share it with people and when they click it they are taken to an ad and then you get paid for sending traffic to those ads and then after that they will potentially be sent to the destination that you actually initially wanted to share with them however there are some things you need to consider about that before you start sharing

but i will go more into that a little bit later but for now let’s just go over how you can set up the links because once you’re inside all you have to do is just to create a link here and you can then just paste the url you want to share with people i’m just taking google here just to have some kind of link here to show and then you can just click to create the link you can see now i have a shortened link here people can actually not see where they’re going so it can look a little bit spammy be aware of that when you share it but what you then need to do is just to copy it here and then share it where you want to share it and when people click it you will potentially earn so how much will you then earn.

let’s go over that next and then i will also after that show you what actually happens when people click your link because you need to understand that also to understand the true earning potential of this because there are some details there that a lot of people will actually not tell you but it is very important to understand to find out if it’s a good way for you to earn or not but let’s now just go over how much you potentially can earn when people then click your link so on the website itself they actually have a tab here called payout rates and here you can see how much you can earn and as i explained earlier how much you will earn will depend on the country the people that click your link are actually located.

you can see here if you get traffic from greenland you would get potentially 20 dollars here per 1000 views all these numbers here is per 1000 views and i have seen this on on many similar platforms actually where you can earn by shortening links where they use greenland as a very high paying option because it’s not really possible to get a lot of traffic from greenland i think they just put it there because then they can say we pay up to 20 dollars per 1000 views because it sounds like a really high paying side then but in reality it’s not really realistic to get a lot of traffic from there what is more realistic is to get traffic from the us island, germany, uk and all these other countries.

here you can see for example for the us you would get nine dollars per 1000 views and i would say i have tested a lot of similar platforms here where you can earn by shortening and sharing things and nine dollars for the us is actually one of the highest rates that i have seen and the same also for ireland and the uae here and also for the uk you would get eight dollars on many other platforms this similar traffic would give you often somewhere between seven and seven and a half.

Is Scam or Legit
so in my experience actually pays quite decently compared to many other platforms but just really remember this is per1000 views 1000 real people not bot traffic or anything like that they will detect that and will ban you.

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