Media Tek Easy Root (Mtk Easy Su) 2022

Media Tek Easy Root (Mtk Easy Su) is a superpower tool which set up bootless super user access  with Magisk and Mtk-su, on MediaTek Android devices. To facilitate those wishing to use the security breach Mtk-su by Diplomatic.

What is Rooting

According to Wikipedia, “Rooting a device involves circumventing its technological protection measures (in order to allow root access and running alternative software), so its legal status is affected by laws regarding circumvention of digital locks, such as laws protecting digital rights management (DRM) mechanisms. Many countries do not have such laws, and some countries have laws including exceptions for rooting.”

Pros Of Rooting

  • Remove system apps
  • Free up space
  • install new os
  • full control on device
  • learn ethical h*cking

Cons Of Rooting

  • warranty loss
  • Risk Of Malware Attack
  • Chances of Bricking Phone

Advantages of Media Tek Easy Root

Media Tek Easy Root (Mtk Easy Su) 2022
  • easy to use
  • less harmful for device
  • time saving

Notes 📝

  • (⚠️REQUIRED) To manage root access for each application, you must download Magisk manager.
  • (⚠️REQUIRED) Before installing the app make sure that google play protect is disabled, in recent weeks the play store has marked the app as harmful for no reason.
  • (⚠️READ THIS) XDA – Critical MediaTek rootkit affecting millions of Android devices has been out in the open for months.
  • (⚠️WARNING) Any firmware update released after March, 2020 is bound to block the method used by mtk-easy-su. Think twice before updating your device if you would like to keep using mtk-easy-su or mtk-su.
  • To check if you have been granted super user access, check the exit value returned by the log, when it is 0 is because it worked and you have root access, the log below is of a mediatek device (LG K10 2017) that this app was successful.

How To install Media Tek Easy Root

  • Download Media Tek Easy Root apk
  • Turn on unknown sources from setting
  • go to file manager, find Media Tek Easy Root apk
  • click on install
  • done
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