InterServer Review 2022 : Details, Pricing, & Features

InterServer Review 2022 : Details, Pricing, & Features

Interserver was established in 1999 by Michael Ivric and John Quaglieri. Initially, they launched as a virtual hosting account reseller but has seen immense growth in the past 17 years. Now they are expanding their services across different locations like Los Angeles and more. Interserver provides services like VPS Windows, shared, Dedicated Hosting, and colocation hosting.

InterServer Review 2022

InterServer Review 2022 : Details, Pricing, & Features

Interserver offers various packages like standard web hosting, cloud VPS, ASP.NET dedicated hosting.

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Interserver review-Standard web hosting plan

This plan has a starting price of $1.00 for 3 months. It provides 30 days money-back guarantee, unlimited ultra SSD storage in reasonable prices. The feature includes global content caching and a secure socket layer certificate that is free. In this offer, Sitepad website builders along with more than 450 cloud apps are also available. Not just that it also supports free migration and has unlimited ultra SSD storage that makes it a perfect web hosting plan for beginners.Interserver give you international security that can block viruses and attacks, also it has an intelligent AI firewall and detect malware on your website. Impressive caching mechanisms are used for heavy request web content. Considering its cheap price these features are awesome and better than many of its competitors that make a perfect Interserver review.

Windows Web Hosting

Windows web hosting has a starting price of $4.00 per month. It offers wonderful features like unlimited transfer and storage. Also, provides 30 days money-back guarantee along-with 25 websites support.

This web hosting plan comes with free website migration that makes it easier for Web developers to deal with the transfer of websites. As you know hackers and spammers are always looking to find ways of troubling websites with their skills. In order to avoid that a free SSL certificate along-with intershield protection is offered. The most popular applications for web development are supported by the web hosting plan including WordPress, Drupal, OSCommerce, Joomla, Zen cart, Prestashop, and unlimited emails are also offered for as little as $4.00 that makes it one of the foremost web hosting plan.

Cloud VPS web hosting

This Interserver VPS plan has a starting price of $6.00 per month and gives access to a system with 30GB SSD storage, 2 TB transfers, 2GB RAM, and comes with one core CPU.

Supported scripts included with VPS plans are WordPress, Abantecart, Joomla, myBB, dolphin, open real estate, and Prestashop. Interserver cloud VPS hosting is affordable and reliable you can access your data everywhere and always. It has a very fast loading speed and your website always be in your control. Dedicated resources are also provided to make sure you have the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade to other versions according to your needs. It offers a self-healing hardware that is an odd term but you’ll find it interesting that how your site is moved from one server to the other in case there is a glitch on the hardware system. Your website will not be affected while it will be moved from one node to the other that helps with fast loading speeds.

Other noticeable features are 99.9% uptime guarantee, the use of hyper-v virtualization, KVM, and OpenVZ platforms to ensure top-notch security. Dedicated backup solutions also included with Interserver cloud VPS hosting that helps you recover your data with ease that gives you even more satisfaction.

Windows VPS hosting

Windows Interserver VPS hosting plans have got many options to choose from and that is the reason why it is unique and pre-eminent. The starting plan with Windows VPS has a starting price of $10. Offers included are 1 core CPU, 32GB SSD storage, 2tb Data transfers, and 2GB RAM. The second option with Windows Interserver VPS hosting has a starting price of $20 and it offers 2 core CPU along with 60GB SSD storage. Other features included are 4GB of RAM in 4TB data transfer. III offer on the list has a starting price of $30 and offers 3 core CPU along with 6GB RAM. Other noticeable features included are 6tb data transfers and 90 GB SSD storage capacity. Windows VPS hosting with interserver has as many as 16 different options that are quite remarkable.

The highest plan listed has a starting price of $160 and offers up to 16 cores CPU. Other astonishing features are 480 GB SSD storage capacity, 32 GB RAM, and 32TB data transfer included with this offer that makes it one of the astounding Windows VPS hosting plans. The reasons why you should choose interserver Virtual Private Server hosting are a vast experience of 20 years, a good value for money it means you get what you pay for, and reliable and fast services. You can also choose your operating systems for your VPS server and the options listed are Windows server 2016-2019, and Windows 10.

Interserver Cheap Dedicated Servers

Interserver also offers cheap dedicated servers that have a starting price of $50 per month and comes with useful features. If you are running a large scale business and want to go for Dedicated Hosting then this is the way to go. As it offers proficient features like DDoS protection, no setup fees, and data migrations along with 10 TB data transfer. Moreover, it provides one or ten GB port, and 24 by 7 uptime monitoring to make sure your site is always online.

Another variant of a dedicated server hosting plan has a starting price of $199 per month. It Offers AMD epyc 7402P second-generation processor with 24 core single CPU along with 250 GB SSD storage and 128 GB of RAM. This plan can be upgraded to 10gb Port for free, offers 5 IPS, and supports 10 TB data transfers. Another variant price is $210 per month, and presents IT officers hot 2x Xeon E5-2678 V3 24 core dual CPU. While the rest of the features or similar to the previous version.

The pros of interserver


Interserver provides up time about 99.99% and most of the time it reaches a hundred percent which is quite magnificent. Some experts have purchased multiple hosting packages from interserver and observed it for over four years. They found that their uptime was amazing as they got 99.99% uptime in 2017, 99.99% in 2016, 99.97% in 2017 while 100% in 2018. These stats are remarkable as it retained a great percentage of uptime.

Free Migrations 

Interserver supports free migrations which is a plus point comparing it to other web hosting providers. While others may charge you a significant amount for migrating your site- Interserver does it for free.

24/7 Support

Interserver provides a splendid 24/7 customer support on all plans. Their experts are always ready to help whenever they’re contacted. It is so important these days to go for a Webhosting provider that ensures great customer support and luckily Interserver doesn’t disappoint here.

Many options 

Interserver helps you choose from a variety of options and every mention the error 16 variants of there Windows VPS plan that it helps all types of businesses. They ensure hi performances and fast server response to make sure it stands out in the market.

Cons The pros of interserver

Luckily there are very few cons to discuss with interserver as it is one of the finest Webhosting providers. The only con we think with interserver is that their servers are based in the US. While some other competitors have their servers located across the world to make sure they get fast speeds. However, interserver still performs best with its servers located in just one place.

Some FAQ About Interserver

Where is InterServer located?

Secaucus, NJ

How fast is InterServer?

Our Rating: Our Verdict:
SPEED: 587 ms (August 2020 to July 2021)
UPTIME: 99.90% (August 2020 to July 2021)
SUPPORT: 24/7 Live Chat, Email, Contact Form, Knowledge Base
APPS: 400+ Apps (WordPress, Drupal, etc)

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