How To Fix Kingroot Failed To Root (2022)

How To Fix Kingroot Root Failed  | How To Fix Kingroot Failed To Root

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Everyone wants to root their Smartphones in one click because other process are more difficult and some rooting process need a computer to root your android. So one click root is most popular among android users. With the popularity of one-click root, many companies launched their tools to root android in a single click. Kingroot is one of the most used tool to root android in one click.

KingRoot is software intended to provide root access on smartphones. it was developed by kingroot studio in 2014. It can easily root android 5 and below.

How to fix kingroot all problems : Video

How To Install kingroot on Android Phone

Lets go with the basic steps. we need to know how we can install this rooting tool on our smartphone because kingroot isn’t available on the google play store. to install kingroot, first of all, download the apk file from Technical Sudip’s store (Link is given below). google blocks this kind of app from installing on your device. so if you want to install it, turn off google play security.

How To turn off play protect 

  • Go to the play store
  • Find play protect
  • click on the settings icon
  • turn off play protect

Now Let’s Go For Installing Process

  1. Go to your device’s settings > security and turn on unknown sources.
  2. Click on the downloaded apk file
  3. Click on install

After installing kingroot. let’s look at how can we fix several errors in kingroot. Here are some essential steps to fix kingroots errors

Fix Kingroot Subscribe/Request Problem

Fix Kingroot Network Error

Fix Kingroot Network Error

Network error is the most common error in kingroot. This error appears when your device isn’t connected to the internet. To Fix the Network error in kingroot, you have to turn on the internet connection on your phone. Also clear cache and reopen kingroot.

Fix Kingroot Stuck At 1

how to Fix Kingroot Stuck At 1

Many people comment on my youtube videos about this issue. This error appears when your Kingroot isn’t compatible with your device. To Fix Kingroot Stuck At 1, try these steps mentioned in the video

Clear Kingroot App Data

Long press on kingroot application and click on app details. Then go to storage and clear app data. this will help you to fix kingroot Stuck At 1.


How To Fix Kingroot Failed To Root

If you are getting root failed error in kingroot, follow these steps to fix it

Allow Required Permissions For Kingroot

Kingroot Can’t work properly without giving the required permissions. Give All Permissions To Kingroot to avoid root failures and other errors. You Can Check This by the Permission Manager.

  1. Long Press on kingroot app
  2. Click on the app info
  3. Enable all permissions

This will help to work kingroot perfectly.

Make Kingroot as Device Admin App

  1. Open Settings
  2. Go To security
  3. Find Device Admin Apps & Enable Kingroot

Enable OEM Unlocking

  1. Open Settings
  2. Go To developer Options
  3. Find OEM Unlocking & Enable it

Select Kingroot As Device Mock Location App

  1. Open Settings
  2. Go To devloper Options
  3. Find Device Mock Location
  4. select kingroot

Clear Kingroot App Data & Try Agian

  1. Go to kingroot app details
  2. Click On Storage
  3. Clear app data

this action will remove the cache and data of kingroot and help to fix kingroot errors.

Download Kingroot 2022

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Before You Use Kingroot

Several Kingroot users claim that KingRoot steals users’ data and sends it to its server. It is unknown if it is really true, but it is known that once users have rooted using KingRoot, it blocks uninstalling itself and blocks installation or proper use of SuperSU. Kingroot also sends the user’s IMEI to an unknown address. It can be quite difficult to remove this rooting software from a device once rooted.

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How To Fix Kingroot Failed To Root

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