(2022) How strong a rooted phone can be ?

How strong a rooted phone can be ?

How strong a rooted device can be ?

Do you know how strong a rooted phone can be? I will also tell you such things that you can do after rooting your phone. There are lots of things to say but I will only tell the ones which I have done. Because I do not believe the others as I have not tried. I have done these so I will tell you about them.

So first of all let us talk about why we should root a phone. when we purchase a phone from a company, Like from Realme or MI or Samsung etc, there are many possibilities in the hardware ok? 

we can do lot of things with the hardware but software restricts us from doing those. For example our body has strength and can do lot of things but our mind does not let us do it.

Like that Google puts some restrictions on the software and some companies take advantage of this. For example you have seen that there are apps like in Realme there is “App Market”. And you cannot delete that app. 

You can force to stop it, you can clear its data but you cannot delete the app. Why? That is a bloatware. Ok?

Now what companies do is that, as you are not allowed to root your phone then they will install any bloatware in the phone and whenever you format the phone that bloatware will still be in that phone. You will not be able to delete that. And by rooting you can do all these things. This means that you will get full control over your hardware.

This is why companies do not want you to root your phone and there are lots of reasons for that. One is that it is the profit of the company, which I told you. Another is that you can change your Mac address and can get access of others Wi-Fi. So companies do not want people to have troubles and want harmony among their customers. 

For that these restrictions are made Now we talked about why we root phones. let me tell you 7 things that you can do by rooting your phone 


How strong a rooted phone can be ?

Now overclocking is, suppose your phone is of 2.2 Ghz so if you root your phone and overclock it, your phone is of 2.2 Ghz and if you feel that it is a bit slow then you can overclock it to 2.5 Ghz or 3 Ghz.

You can overclock as much as you want. But there is a limit. It is not that you can convert 2.2 Ghz to 10Ghz. You can do it but your processor will burn. Now understand the reason as well. The clocking of the processor, the speed that has been set by the processor is set with a coordination of heating and cooling of the phone.

Now if it is winter season, and your phone does not get heated because you have liquid cooling, the place where you live, or anything inside your phone due to which your phone does not heat that much. 

For example your phone is Samsung phone. So you can overclock it from 2.2Ghz

 to 2.5Ghz. If you want then you can do more but based on my experience  I will prefer not to overclock above 2.2,  2.3Ghz, it will become a problem for you because your hardware will start to die slowly and if you have an MI phone and it gets heated too fast then you can underclock it.

 If you can overclock a phone from 2.2 to 2.5 then you can also underclock your phone from 2.2 to 1.8 Ghz.So you can underclock it. Or you can do clocking according to the seasons, for example in winter  you can use your phone at 2.5 and in summer you can use your phone at 1.8. 

Now understand this. The more you run your processor that is the more you increase the frequency, the more it will consume the battery and get heated. And chances of your hardware to die will increase. Ok?

And the less you do it the lifecycle of your phone can increase. The battery consumption will be less but the output will also be less. If you play PUBG and your processor is of 2.5 Ghz, your game runs good. Now if you underclock it to 1.8Ghz then your game will lag.

The battery will run fine, relatively longer, but the game will lag a bit.

Change Mac Address


Now the second thing that you can do by rooting your phone is that you can change your MAC address meaning you can change your phone’s MAC adress.

MAC address is the name of your Wi-Fi. You can keep your hotspot name whatever you like but when you connect your phone with hotspot or any Wi-Fi, router your Wi-Fi’s name goes there and says that “My name is ABC, XYZ, whatever and give me internet connection, I have the password.” Then the router checks its name and as you gave the password and you are not in the blacklist. So you can use the internet. 

Uninstall Bloatware.

cf auto root

When The company that gives us phones, There are some pre-installed apps as I told you earlier. Those apps send very dirty notifications. And sometimes it is difficult for us to open our phone infront of others because of the notifications. People will think that you watch dirty things. But it is not that, they themselves send those. It is not our fault. 

So after rooting your phone you can uninstall all the bloatwares. There are many app in the Playstore which uninstall bloatware. So you install that app, and with its help remove all the bloatwares in your phone. After this you will not receive dirty notifications and your phone will give better performance because the ram has been cleared. 

Installing Kali Linux & Tools

 If you install Kali Linux then you can use lot of advantages

Increase Ram

You can increase your ram. But this does not mean that you can increase your ram from 2gb to 8gb or 6gb. It is a bit tricky. Think like this. When we install any app from Playstore it is installed in your ram. If you have  2gb or 3gb ram then after one time you will not be able to install any other thing. It will say to uninstall older apps and then install other apps.

But if your phone is rooted you can or move them in one way.send those apps to your SD card or memory card.Your ram will be emptied a bit and so you can install more apps.This works up to a limit. 

Increase battery life

 You can increase your battery life. For example in 1 charge if your phone runs 8 hours, then by doing this it can run for 10-11 hours.Think it like this, if you switch on your mobile data and keep your phone in a pocket and a Whatsapp message comes then it enters your phone instantly.

That means that the app is sending pings to the server continuously. That means that the app is consuming little bit of battery in the background all the time.

And there are other apps also that do the same thing. For showing notifications or for any other thing it consumes your phone’s battery life. So Greenify is an app using which you can close all the apps. And the apps which you think are important you can give access of power to them. Only they will get battery access.

Only they will be able to consume power and send notifications. You can allow Whatsapp. But many times you allow notifications of websites on browsers they send you unnecessary notifications which you can stop by using Greenify app. Nowadays there is a feature called smart battery saver in phones but by doing this you can  increase your battery life to 10-20%.

You cannot make a battery of 3000mah to 4000mah but you can decrease the consumption. And battery saving is battery increasing, your phone can run 10 hours instead of 8 hours.

Tasks That Only Rooted Device Can Do ?

Rooted android phones can be used to any extent at any field which cannot be even imagined

  1. it can be used by hackers,they can remain undetected for a long period of time bcos they can even chnge the IMEI number of the device
  2. other operating systems can be installed
  3. hardwares can be modified to extend its capability
  4. disconnect other peoples wifi if connected to same network
  5. install paid apps from goggle or buy stuffs from it for free(yes you are hearing it right….but i cant tell you bcos it may violate quora guidelines but i can tell you that every one should fight for their freedom)
  6. connect to tor network and increase your anonymity

Rooted phone can Do Following Tasks?

  1. Remove Bloatware (Crap)
  2. AD Block (in All Apps)
  3. Flash Custom ROMS (Don’t wait around for manufacturers and carriers for updates)
  4. Install Powerfull apps (ROM Toolbox, Root Explorer, Busybox, Freedom, Lucky Patcher, Metamorph, Tasker, GameCIH, zAnti, Xprivacy)
  5. Turn your phone in to a Beast(Overclocking and underclocking)
  6. Enable Volte on an 4G phone

Source : https://youtu.be/cIn-dFujVoc

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