Google Lens is an unquestionably significant achievement in the realms of AI and machine learning. However, like any compiled collection of lines of code, it is prone to breakdowns, malfunctions, and outright failure. Google acknowledges that Lens is still in its early stages — the technology is far from perfect, and it does not yet fully reflect Google’s ambition. There are a variety of reasons why Google Lens can stop working. It’s possible that the Google Lens app won’t work properly and won’t recognize objects in pictures, translate text, or that it won’t even start up and instead display an error. 

If you are wondering why Google Lens is not working on your Android device, or When You Open Google Lens, its shows ‘Thanks for updating lens will be available soon ’ Don’t Worry. Today We are going to solve it.

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How To Fix Google Lens Not Working | Google Lens Says Thanks For Updating Lens Will Be Available Soon , technical sudip

How to fix Google Lens not working on Android?

Enable Google App

If the google app is disabled on your device, google lens wont work. So you have to active google app first. To active google go to settings then find all apps & select google app and enable it. After doing this clear app data of google lens. After doing this, google lens will start working properly.