10 Best Root Apps | Best Apps For Rooted Android

Welcome back everyone this is Technical Sudip and in today’s post I’ll show the best root apps for Android.

Quickboot Root

Quickboot is a very useful root application which can be used to reboot your android phone or table to Recovery, bootloader or in Download mode. The free version of this app is totally fine and can be used to reboot your android device in just one click without even pressing the power button.

 Chainfire Root

if you tend to play games a lot on your android phone or tablet then you can’t miss out on this app chainfire is another useful root app which can be used to increase the performance of your games by reducing the rendering graphics as i said before you can’t miss out on this app if you’re an android gamer as it helps in lowering the graphics of your games, which prevents your android game from lagging and overall making your gaming experience super awesome.

Pimp My Rom

this app is another awesome root application for advanced root users It makes awesome changes to your rom, It gives you many decent options for your ram management, and can even edit many system files easily without any kind of problem.

Xui Mod Root

this app this app allows you to make changes your scrolling type and add many awesome animations to it Xposed installer must be installed to use this app with this app you can also change the animations of pop up notification that appears on your screen

Gravity Box Root

 if you want to customize your android phone or tablet and move it to the next level then gravity box is the way to go Gravity Box is basically one of the best root app which can work only when Xposed Installer is working It can make changes to your phone buttons, add navigation bar, change the notification bar, change your lock screen, add wallpaper to your lock screen and many more mods.

 Greenify Root

This app allows you to hibernate the apps that are running in the background and by doing that this will increase the life of your battery which is the battery life. You can choose out of any of these apps which one you want to put in hibernate mode that it like for e.g select to put in hibernation now and this will basically sleep the apps that are running in the background.

Rom Manager

This app allows you to flash ROMs and allow you to install new android versions. As you can see you can choose to install whether the Clockworkmod recovery or the Team Win Recovery anyone of them, am not going to install any because I have the Clockworkmod recovery already installed. That’s it this is how it looks you can backup ROM, check for ROM updates, and all those things.

Titanium Backup

for those of you who are into flashing custom ROMs this is a very great app because this app allows you to backup your data and your rom. You can select any one of these applications and choose whether to backup, freeze or uninstall or wipe data. So this is a very good app overall I require you to download this app.


this application is very good for android devices with low internal storage so this application allows you to move the data of the app to the SD card. Most android users will fancy this app because it is a very good app.

Smart Booster

This app basically digs into your phone’s RAM and clears out all background usage and boosts the performance of the app that you are using. I totally recommend this app for people who love to play games on their smartphones because this app will boost gaming performance and give you a better gaming experience. 

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